How to ask yourself the right questions

Asking questions directs our attention and focus.

As soon as we ask them our minds go to work answering them directly, so we must ask the right sort of questions that will help take our lives in the right direction. The answers receive will tell us what is worth our time, energy and become part of our story.

We really want to get this right because the wrong questions leave us disempowered while the right questions empower us to have faith and take action and improve our lives.

Empowering vs Disempowering.. which will you choose?

In the previous post I mentioned keeping an idea journal where you have a question on each page, so this post will focus on the right types of questions to ask yourself.

You probably already are asking yourself questions which you may or not be aware of. I asked myself many questions without much thought, and you know what? Many were extremely unhelpful. I’ve even been writing many of them down, and I know they have guided my thinking, but haven’t been fully aware of what I was doing.

Some of the questions I haven’t bothered recording have been some of my worst, but I’ve been getting answers. These have been there all along, hurting me, dragging me down, keeping me from reaching my potential. It’s only now I have become aware of this habit that I choose to change my questions into something that works for me instead of against me.

I hope you are with me in moving towards more deliberate, intentional questions that will help you grow and develop in all areas of your life, your work and your resources such as creativity.

Questions that disempower

Let’s look at the questions you shouldn’t be asking first. These are terrible, so if you have been asking them, it’s time to stop that pattern. They only lead to hurt and despair and in that place, and you can’t build a great life from there.

  • Why am I not creative?
  • How come I never get any good ideas?
  • Why does every one else succeed and I don’t?
  • Why can’t I create the perfect project or home or life?
  • Why is everyone doing better than me?
  • How come nothing ever turns out well for me?
  • Who am I to do something like that?

You can see that they all focus on the negative, unhelpful emotions and thoughts. They don’t help us move forward, so stay away from this type of question and don’t let yourself whisper them either!

Let’s turn this around and focus on helping ourselves

Let’s ask a few good questions that will help you find your bold, creative spirit that will create the kind of transformations that you want in your life.

If you want to build your creativity, for example, a great starting point would be thinking what creativity means to you and to how you can grow that creativity. Here are a few examples of how you can focus your mind in a way that builds your creativity.

Creativity is taking risks.

  • Ask yourself then, How can I take more risks in my art, life or business?

It’s breaking rules:

  • What rules am I using and how can I break a few of these in new and creative ways?

Creativity overcomes fear:

  • What am I really afraid of and in what ways is it holding me back? This is truly a deep thought question, and you may have to ask it many times to get down to the heart of your fears.

Accessing your playful, fun, and outrageous mindsets are a great way to increase the quality of your life and interactions with others:

  • How can I be playful and spontaneous and express myself in my work, relationships and life?

Shifting perspective can really cause an amazing mindset change:

  • What can I learn or who can I talk to or what new experience can I have today that will give me a new way of looking at life or the world?

Apply questions to your business:

  • What new, innovative products can I create that will serve my customers? What are some new marketing ideas that reflect me and my business and will be fun to do?

Or ask yourself directly:

  • What can I do today that will make me feel creative (or any other resource you want to access) and how can I express that?


I really hope a few of these types of questions will get you steered towards feeling more creative and generating tons of new ideas that you can follow up on.

Practice daily if you can, it will help you move towards greater creativity, which will help your life in soo many ways!

Remember your life is you greatest creative work!

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