How fast do you want change in your life?

Most of us want big change fast.

It would be terrific if growth came in great leaps and bounds, and you could solve all your problems right now. You want easy and quick, simple and little effort.

I do too. Growth is one of my biggest themes, but it’s hard to measure it by the day although I do try. At the daily level, growth is infinitesimal.

That doesn’t meant it’s not happening. You have to believe that it is, even days when it all seems to be rolling backwards. It’s coming little by little, even making it to the other side of a difficult day is growth.

If you are looking for a revolution in yourself, you might end up disappointed and frustrated, and that doesn’t do anything to inspire more growth.

What happens when change doesn’t come overnight?

  • we give up
  • we jump to the next thing
  • we look for the quick fix
  • we fear it will never happen

Ask yourself this, have you ever put something aside that you enjoy because growth didn’t come so fast? Or have you ever given up in frustration because you can’t do something?

You aren’t alone. I’ve done all of this. And it’s because I want the revolution, that I realize isn’t coming.

What should we aim for instead?

Embrace the Evolution

Evolution by nature are slow and come in very small steps. They extend over a long period of time, years, decades and even longer.

The person you want to be, the problems you want to fix, the healthy life, the million dollar idea – all of these take time and effort and are gradual evolutions you create day by day.

The day-to-day growth that comes from small shifts in your thinking, your actions, and the effort you make to develop yourself and resolve problems.

These are your rituals

They slowly evolve you into the person you want to be with the life you want to have.

I hope you are ready for the first step in planning your evolution, which is to know what you want to create in your life, what skills you want, and what type of ideas you need.

You need to know what exactly it is that you want, or you can never get that fulfillment you crave. Deciding what you want from life is part of your commitment to yourself, and it’s the only way to get a life of your dreams.

Once you know what you want, it’s time to start the daily practice of creating it.

Take Action Daily

Rituals are powerful, but they only work when you do them!

After you accept that there is no easy road or quick fix, you are ready to take daily action.

Every day is an opportunity to take a small step towards your goals and dreams.  You’ve heard this before, and if you aren’t doing it, then it’s because you haven’t internalized it. It’s not set deep in your subconscious, so it’s automatic.

Your rituals proved the direction the evolution will take you. Even the smallest of action is either towards or away from the things you want.

If you want more joy and gratitude, then every day you must do something to cultivate those feelings. If it’s ideas you need, then spend time every day working on generating many. Every action creates a movement.

Enjoy the process

Evolution is a process. In this case, it’s your life you are evolving and you should definitely be enjoying it.

Revolutions focus on outcomes, and when we focus too much on that, we forget to enjoy and miss the progress.

You don’t have to lose sight of your goal when you evolve. Too often you hear that you should only focus on the process, but that isn’t quite right either. The best is to remember them both.

Keep the goal in mind, and work towards it, while being present for the growth, the joy, the pain, the lessons, and the experience.

Remember to celebrate the small victories along the way. This reinforces the enjoyment and helps keep your momentum.

Do revolutions never happen?

Of course they do and can, but they are rare. 

It may look like people around you are having great breakthroughs, but they are the result of many years of work and effort.  Often we only see the final accomplishment, the final show or creation.

We don’t see the hours of work done in private, the long nights, the pain and toil of repeated failures.  Don’t be deceived by that the entire process is not up for view.

Maybe you will be lucky and have a great jump.  Sometimes we get breakthroughs that can give us a quantum jump in our evolution. They can happen at any time, but while you wait, keep on working on the evolution.


Life is an evolution, a long process of becoming something. Each day is part of the path and although the growth of a day may be too small to measure, week by week it adds up fast into something impressive. But you must stay on course.

Decide what you want, the set in the daily rituals that take you towards it and don’t forget to do them. They create the movement and energy that takes you towards your dreams.

Revolutions can happen any time. Sometimes it only takes one idea to make a radically shift to a better course. While you wait for those moments, keep on the journey with the rest of us and be sure to celebrate your progress!