For a better life

I’ve been listening to a series of artist interviews this week.

There is one thing that always stands out and matches my experience and those I hear about in coaching conversations with. And that is there is one nearly universal way to improve your life.

Engage your creativity.

Every single person I’ve heard talk or spoken with myself says their life began to change for the better when they engaged their creativity. For me, I was lost, had no sense of myself or what I wanted, but when I actively engaged my creativity, everything changed. My mood improved, I had something to look forward to, and I had a new focus for my energy.

Some people are looking for something specific, others just want to do things better and find ways to conquer fear, improve self-confidence or increase their growth.

For others it means being creative in their mindset and approach to problems. This is what I want to focus on.

Often we think artistic pursuits are the realm of creativity, but that’s too narrow. Nearly everything you do is a potential avenue for engaging creativity, from cooking dinner, to driving to work, to figuring out how to eat less. All of it needs creativity, and it all becomes much more interesting when you add in creativity.

Your life strategies need your creativity

Whether you think about it or not, you are living according to strategies.

I would have resisted that thought a few years ago, but now I see clearly that I live by strategies. Some are helpful, some are not so helpful, and some may look like no strategy, which is also a strategy.

When I decided to turn things around for myself, I relied on strategies. I tried all sorts. Some went bust, some short-circuited and others stuck and helped me immensely.

Often I had to figure out how to create my own strategies based on an idea I picked up. Then I would have to alter them to suit me as I saw their effect or lack of effect. It’s the same old system of try and fail, over and over.

That’s real creative work. It’s design thinking at work. It’s why engaging creativity is the way to a better life.

Why creativity?

This is a good question. Other than it’s one of your best practical abilities.

It’s because you can equate creativity with love and energy, written mathematically:

love = creativity = energy

They are one in the same, but different still. Creativity is like your love in motion. The movement of life, including everything you do. Any action is a simple act of creation that takes a thought to decision and to motion. You create your life this way, second by second.

When I mean love, don’t confuse this with romantic love or even familial love. That love is nice, but it’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to love. Love is so much more than that. It’s your energy, your light, and your life. It’s your commitment to yourself to always live the best you can. To know what you want and go after it.

In short, love is that you care enough to put your actions to work.

Energy, speaks for itself. It’s your passion, motivation, your hunger and drive for living. It keeps the fires burning even when the darkness threatens. The more fuel you add, the greater the fire you make. We want our lives to be giant bonfires crackling, sending sparks flying high into the sky.

So when it comes to life..

the quality of your life = (love*creativity*energy) ^ your life level

Your life level.. that is related to the level of love, creativity and energy you live at. So if you want a better life, you must raise the amount of those you put in. As you put in more, the quality of your life goes up exponentially.

Many ways to engage

As I said, creativity isn’t one thing. It’s many things. It’s motion. It’s your self-expression projected into the world.

You can’t keep creativity hidden inside you. That isn’t being creative, and you already know if you want a good life, you must have quality relationships with others.

And what do relationships need?

Love, creativity and energy. It’s the way to improve everything in your life.

Think of your health. That’s not normally associated with creative thinking, but I would say that it requires a whole lot of creativity to make it happen.

For instance, you need plans (or strategies) to deal with the following:

  • dealing with temptations
  • handling resistance to working out
  • creating a schedule that works
  • games you play with yourself to make it more fun
  • making your meals healthier

There are loads of guides and rules, but for most people they don’t work. That’s because they aren’t customized with creative design thinking. If you did this, you would find a strategy that works for you, but you have to commit to finding a solution no matter what or how long it takes.

Life-long effort

The thing about creativity, love, and energy is that they need your input every day. If you take breaks, you will slip back into your dark places.

It’s happened to me, and I’ve seen it in others. You can’t give up. You have to stay in the ring giving it your best every day. And tomorrow you have to get up and do it all over again. This is the struggle of living. Keeping the movement going. Keeping the creativity flowing. And always keeping the love alive.

It is tiring. It is easier to sit and distract yourself, but that doesn’t bring meaning of fulfillment. It only increases pain.

If you keep up your efforts, you will find that the other side is worth the struggle. It’s worth taking your life and deciding that you are going to do something about what it becomes right now, starting today.


Your life needs your creativity. It can exponentially increase the quality of your life when you decide to start engaging it. Combine it with your love and energy and you become unstoppable.

Creativity is movement, it’s ideas in motion, it’s you doing something with your energy and your love. You and your life deserve the benefit of you at your best.

Use creative design thinking to help you build the strategies you need to be at your best. And don’t ever stop working for what you want from life.