Find your success formula

You work hard every day, hoping you will finally get some traction. It’s tough sometimes.

Especially when no one is listening. Your own thoughts start getting mighty loud.

Everyone who starts something new knows this feeling. The silence can be soul-crushing which is why a lot of people bail out after a few months.

The truth is that it takes longer than that to build a dream business or become a master at something.

You know this inside but you still want a find a way to make things work faster.

There is a way. But this isn’t some quick hack or fix. You see sites advertising that everywhere. Build your dream business in 5 weeks. Or find out the way to get massive followers on Instagram.

It all takes time. But it there is something you can do to make it go a bit faster. Actually it’s several things. One which you are probably doing already if you are serious about your business.

Let’s look at the steps.

I read an article recently about a vlogger on Youtube. The author analyzed the steps he used to make find his own winning formula. I thought, yeah, this is exactly what I do too. Or I do when I am serious about achieving something. You probably have done it too when you are successful.

Steps to finding your success formula

Do something a lot.

You probably know this, whether it’s writing, painting, selling, marketing, talking to clients, working with clients, making new products. All of these are creative jobs. You get better at them the more you do them.

You build the skills you need the more you do. Skills you aren’t even fully aware that you will need, you are building.

It’s a natural evolution.

And it’s better to do a lot of something than to try to make one mega masterpiece. It might be a little counter-intuitive, but it’s been shown in research too.

One group of students were told to make many projects and the other was told to make one project and do as well as they could.

Which group had the better project in the end?

The group that made many. Because with so many project completed, one of those turned out to be something amazing. Another way to say this is that you have to fail a lot to get a success.

Which brings me to the all-important Step 2.

Experiment, take risks, be creative, ask questions

Take an experimental approach to whatever you are doing. The more aggressive you are in your experiment, the better. Each new attempt you can try something different.

It’s risky. It pushes on your boundaries.

It forces you to learn a lot. Build new skills, find new resources, express your creativity. The greater the challenge you give yourself, the more you learn.

It isn’t the easy way, but it’s the only real way to succeed.

I did this in my own creative business. I saw everything as an experiment. Some failed miserably, and others were surprising successes.

I didn’t really see things as failures although I call them that here for simplicity. They were learning experiments. It made it easier to pick up and try something new. It was fun too. I learned a lot about myself and the work and being creative.

If you find it difficult to find new experiments, then ask yourself new questions to guide you.

  • What could you do differently?
  • How could you express your idea in a new way?
  • Who could you get involved in the project or get input from?
  • What are you not so good at that you would like to improve?
  • What is a new way to look at your topic?
  • Can you alter the format of your project?
  • How can you create greater emotional connection?

These are just a few to get you started. There is so much you can do and try. Think of this creative work as your playground. You don’t need to be afraid, you need to test your abilities on the jungle gyms. That’s all it really is.

Whatever you do, don’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a new result. You won’t hit your milestones if you don’t do something different. Keep yourself focused on the experiments and eventually you will find something that works.

The people that find their success formulas are the ones that never give up.

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Keep your inspiration, and keep on working and experimenting.

Analyze your successes

When you start hitting your milestones, whether it’s new clients, or blog readers, or likes, start studying what you did right. What have you done that made it work?
It could be a type of subject, a title, revealing some of yourself, showing you care, involving others in your project, adding a great story, adding extra energy and enthusiasm.

Look closely and observe your own work. You know it well, but it can be hard to see it sometimes. You have to step back and look with new eyes. You can ask others too for their input if it is helpful.

You can also study what works for others. When you do this, look beyond the surface, not just the words or pictures, but the presentation, the format, the underlying messages, the emotions, the people involved.

The more you can get out of it the better.

This is your winning formula.

Your daily effort, your experiments. And then the success. Your winning formula is in here. You make it up yourself by your practice of pushing yourself.

Now that you have analyzed your successes, you only need to repeat it now. If every new project doesn’t hit the milestone, don’t let that bother you. Make more experiments, study the results again. Keep repeating this pattern.

Find your creative voice

If you do all this, you will find your creative voice.

Once you have it, everything opens up for you. There are no limits. You can play freely in the great playground. You will be able to do what works on an even bigger scale. Involve more people and access more resources.

Your success will inspire others to try too. That’s one of the reasons why you have to keep going even when it’s quiet.

You will eventually find your winning formula, and when you find it, will inspire others to find their own. People love finding something that inspires them to greater actions. It’s one of the easy things we can do for others.


Finding your winning formula is not an overnight, super hack. It takes time, but the more time you put in, the faster you will find it. You also must not do the same thing over and over with no change. That is spinning your wheels till you have a nice rut.

Make use of your creativity to try a new experiment every day. Make each effort as different as you can. When you start making your milestones, then you can begin to study what you did that worked.

Don’t stop at the first milestone, the first winning experiment. This is only the start. There are still more improvements you can make, more experiments to try. More of your heart to put into your work.

The secret to your winning formula is your own effort to go beyond your current limits. It’s out there that your true potential lies.