Falling under the influence

You know the old saying, garbage in, garbage out.

It’s harsh when we apply that to our minds. But there is a lot of truth in it. When it comes to creating your life, you must be careful in what you allow to influence you.

That means standing guard and being aware of what you let into your mind and how it affects you.

We are emotional creatures. You want to believe you’re rational and logical and don’t do things based on how you feel. I sure do, but science says that’s not true.

We do stuff because of emotional reasons. Pretty much everything.

When you accept this, you can do something about it.

First thing to do is to appreciate how many people know how easy it is to influence you through emotions.

It takes a lot of awareness to avoid the traps laid by marketers, politicians, and others around you.

Whatever you let in, will find it’s way out through actions and words unless you consciously work to reject it.

Let’s how influence works, beginning with ideas.


Ideas are like little packets of emotion. They hit you and amplify how you feel which determines your course of action or inaction. In this way they create influence.

We think of ideas as creativity for example. But if you think of what happens in your mind when an idea lands in it, you see that you get a reaction to it. If it’s an idea you hate, you will be disgusted or feel hatred.

If it’s an idea that you love, your mind will go into another state. Perhaps a state of energy or passion or excitement. A good idea can keep you awake at night.

People vary in how ideas hit them based on the meaning given to the idea. That meaning comes from your beliefs and experiences. The same idea can trigger as many reactions as there are people. Marketers are well aware of this and direct their messages to the most receptive targets.

They say we should expose ourselves to as many ideas as we can, even the ones we don’t like. It’s true, we should. Because they challenge what we think and believe.

Some of the best ideas came from the most hateful ideas. Remember someone once challenged the idea that people are not equal and therefore some deserve to sit at the back of a bus. From this, came a new idea, to challenge that by refusing to go back. A whole movement was born from an idea that was rejected.

How will you react when an idea hits you?

Everything that lands in your mind delivers an idea to you. It might come in the form of an opinion, an image, an association, entertainment and so on. The key is awareness in to how it makes you feel and whether it’s a growth-idea or not.

Some ideas bring you down, they don’t serve your life, and you can toss them out. Others lift you up and inspire, stirring your passion and energy. And others try to put you in state of fear or make you feel like you are missing out. Living a life of fear will not lead to fulfillment.

There are many more ways ideas are used to make you feel a particular way. No matter the idea or the form it comes to you, you can decide what its influence on you will be. To do that you just need an awareness.

Building your awareness


Start watching the flow of ideas in the world. Notice what the ideas that people are sending out and notice the feelings they bring up in you.

Think critically and independently

You get to decide what you like and what you don’t. No one can tell you what is a good idea, what you ought to feel. That is up to you.

Ask if it is a helpful idea or not

Forget good and bad. Everything is shades of gray. Instead, evaluate an idea based on if it is helpful to you in your life’s purpose. If it isn’t, reject it.

All change comes from an idea.

Ideas can fuel a new life. They can drag you out of the rut you find yourself in. Or they can help you understand the world in a new way and unleash your creativity.

We need them in our lives. But we must be aware of how they make us feel.

Grab onto the ideas that supercharge your growth.

The best ideas are those that lead to growth in your mindset or in some area of your life. They will push you and expand you as a person on the inside.

Remember, that everything you bring into your mind whether it’s an idea, thought, emotion or experience, directly affects the ideas that YOU come up with. And you know you need some really great ideas if you are to create your life as you design.

So make sure you actively seek the best ideas the world offers. Because this leads you to your own great ideas.


Many ideas will reach the gate to your mind, and this is a good thing.

Which are you going to let pass through? Which will you let influence you to action or inaction? To expand or contract? To live in fear or faith? To love or to hate? To give or withhold?

It’s up to you.

Cultivate an awareness that helps you recognize the best ideas and reject and rework those that don’t serve your life.

Ideas influence how you feel, what you think and ultimately what you do. Be intentional and keep only those that lead to growth.