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Decisions that will change your business

Decisions, decisions..

They are the slow drip of life that moves us forward.

We often get carried away with the huge decisions that will alter our path immediately, like getting married, having a child, choosing a career.

Even these big decisions are actually the result of a whole pile of small decisions. This is easy to forget. Choosing a career might seem like one big choice but what is that made of? Decisions to go to certain classes instead of others, to take a new training, to read and study every day, to apply for certain jobs. You get the idea.

Loads of daily decisions go into that career decision.

Make the small decisions count

These decisions we make add up, and right now there are many decisions you could be making that will change your life and business.

In the space of a few months, a year, or two years. In a relatively short amount of time things could be vastly different than they are now.

Big results don’t come from one major decision. You need many, many daily decisions to create a big result.

Luckily of you, there are many things you can choose in a day that will support those big results you want like a fantastic business doing meaningful work.

Remember the truth about decisions

The decisions we make are powerful. They commit you to some sort of goal you want. They aren’t enough in themselves though. They require action. Regular, consistent action. The great thing is those actions can be small, very tiny. They add up and create change, expansion and new possibilities.

What are some small decisions you can make today to shift the course of your business to the one you dream of having?

Decide to be a decision maker

Decide you will decide! A great starting point.

Great businesses are built by people that aren’t afraid to take decisive action. You know if you take one decision you cut off others. You must be able to do this in your business. To choose one thing over another. It isn’t always obvious what the right thing to do is. Some decisions are gut-wrenching.

The important thing is to know what you want and make decisions that take you towards that without delaying.

It’s not the easy thing to do. It definitely isn’t always the popular thing to do. It’s the necessary thing to grow your business.

Decide what your mindset will be.

Are you going to act with courage and creativity even when it seems scary?

Your mindset is under your full control at any moment you can decide you have the courage and creativity to build an awesome business and do amazing marketing that will bring the results you need. The mindset that it’s too hard and you don’t have the skills necessary won’t take you too far.

Instead make the choice to move towards a mindset that is going to take you to the next level of your life and your business.

Decide what you value

Your values are your greatest strengths.

They compel you to make certain choices over others. They give you motivation and inspiration to do more than you thought you could.

They are fully under your control, and you can choose at any moment to change them around. Sometimes they evolve as we do, and that is a strength too. You value things today that you didn’t value 10 years ago. It’s a natural process, but you be intentional about it if you wish. Change your values, change your track.

Choose values that will help you move to the next level.

Decide to Standout

You need your business to rise above the noise of the crowded marketplace. You don’t do this by deciding to do what everyone else is. You decide you will do things a way that is unique and makes your marketplace want to know more. It takes a great mindset to be able to do this. You have to decide you value courage and creativity. These are decisions you need to make every day.

The good news, it gets easier to act courageously and creatively.

Decide to do this every day and you will become the standout you need to be.

Decide to take small actions

You already know that small steps is where the magic is. I’m here to remind you again! Your decisions must be supported by action. Lots and lots of little actions. Your mindset and values are going to support you here too which is why they are so important to get right.

Your decision to stand out is followed up by actions. Make them small, small actions. It is too hard to look at marketing and creating your amazing business as one giant step.

It’s an inspirational goal, but the way there is too fuzzy without breaking it into little steps. Everyday find a little action that is toward this goal. One little thing you can do. One thing you are willing to do. If you make that action, then take another.

It gets easier. Every decision and action make the next one easier.

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Decide on your goals

Your goals are powerful tools to inspire and motivate you. They are very important decisions to make. In your business it’s not enough just to show up and do some work. You need something you are heading towards. Something that will light your passion and give you energy to give your clients and customers.

Make great big goals that inspire you to jump out of bed and do your work. It really does help. Small goals don’t do that much to motivate and inspire. Set big ones. Let them pull you up to the next level you are aiming at.


Every little decision you make can propel you towards the next level in your business or it can leave you sliding backwards. Choose to move forward.

Choose to be intentional about the little choices you make, so they lead to the big results you want and need. It only takes an instant to decide something. Choose right now to build and outstanding business.

Become the decision maker in your business, Don’t delay important choices. Those small, daily choices. These are the most important decisions you will make.

Actively decide what your mindset will be. Don’t allow thoughts that pop up to choose it for you. Your mindset is your choice as is what you will value.

These choices are extremely important since they impact whether you will allow your business to stand out and whether you are going to take action today.

You need daily courage and creativity to move your business to the next level. Be sure to give these an important role in every decision you make.

What little decisions can you make today that will be a small step forward?

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