Deciding your Ideal Clients and Customers

Have you spent much time thinking about your ideal clients?

The ones willing to pay me was always my answer. This is an approach, but not necessarily the best, especially when you are a coach or healer or creative looking for clients.

You need to be as specific and clear as possible.

So… who you truly want to serve with your business?

This is a great question. A necessary question for all business owners. I hope you have a great answer. I’ll tell you why it’s so important.

The sooner you know who you want to serve, the better. The growth of your business depends on it.

This question is especially relevant if you are using a blog or social media content to market your business. Or create any service or product. You need to know what they want and how you can help them.

Once you know who your ideal client is, it makes it so much easier to off them useful ideas and tips through your blog and social media content. Your main topics choose themselves, then it’s up to your creativity to look at those topics and come up with new ideas and tips that will keep them coming back for more.

Appealing to values

One way to make this easy on yourself is to start with values. Do you know what is important to your ideal clients?

Why is this so important?

Because if you want to have influence over another person, whether it’s that one of your services is perfect for them or to get a friend to come along on a class with you, it’s a matter of appealing to what THEY value. Not what you value, but what is important to them.

Take the example of getting a friend to take a class with you. If you want to convince them to join you, you will have the greatest success if you appeal to what they think is important, and not your own reason why you are taking the course.

You probably know this on a gut level, but let’s look a little closer and think in terms of values.

Examples of values that might work with your friend are learning something new, meeting new people, doing something brand new, or that the subject is enjoyable for them.

Which will give you the greatest leverage?

Whatever they value.

If they love being social, you might tell them how they will meet lots of new, interesting people and that you take coffee together after class. If they like learning, you might tell your friend, what topics they will learn and how it could help them in their life or business.

I hope you get the idea.

Think this through for your potential clients.

Then you are in a great position to figure out what topics they find most interesting and to design services that will help them.

How do you know who your ideal client is?

Sometimes it is simple demographics, however this can fall short. Some demographics aren’t that helpful. Another potential way to identify your dream clients is by life stage that they are in, such as young parents, first-time home buyers or empty nesters. People in certain life stages will value something similar, and it’s easy to appeal to that.

Build on your strengths

What I have learned from talking to many coaches, is that they each value something different, which is often based on their experience. Each person has their own spark of power and passion.

For coaches, healers and creatives, this can be a great foundation for deciding who you want to serve. It makes it so much easier to form a business around this mission once you have it figured out.

In essence, knowing who your ideal clients are, brings clarity, and clarity is power.

By knowing who your ideal clients and customers are, you can create powerful messages that will resonate inspire them to take action and to choose you. The best part is, when you hit it just right and find the people you are meant to help, you will find your own power and strength and truly be living your purpose.

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