Creativity Ideas from the Internet

I take little adventures now and then, plumbing the tubes of the internet for the most interesting thinking about creativity. I thought I might share a few of the really good articles I find.

Are you hoping to disrupt your industry?

This article gives some practical advice for how to generate ideas that could disrupt your industry. It doesn’t say it’s easy! You need to start by identifying some cliches that define the products and services of your business. Then start asking questions.

Do you want the mindset of a creative genius?

This article can get you started. Here you can read up on the qualities needed to get the mindset of a creative genius. The articles goes on to describe the beliefs, the self-talk and the proactions needed for a great mindset. None of it surprising, but it’s always helpful to be reminded! Perhaps you can take a few steps to retool your thinking.

Ever consider how cognitive biases might be affecting your creativity?

Here is a list of some biases and how they affect our thinking. You can see they places they trap the mind and limit new ideas. I especially like the default bias. It’s good to be aware of the assumptions we make!

Ever wonder why your ideas get shut down?

People are secretly threatened by creativity. They don’t want the disruption and risk. So while people may talk about creativity being the top soft skill, reality is more complex. Best advice, be the change you want to see. Become aware of your own anti-creativity bias and work to correct it.

And another great article on the subject:

And after that, are you ready to be comfortable with being uncomfortable?

When faced with fear and possibible retribution are you ready to be the domino that starts it all? Get some inspiration from this TED talk.

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