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How to get endless ideas

Ideas are the lifeblood of our lives. Within them are your heart and passion, your energy and hopes and dreams all wrapped up in little mini visions. We need them for our businesses, our lives and relationships, and we need them to figure out how to solve all the challenges the pop up in our …

Starting a creative practice

Hi all creatives! If you are like me, you long to be creative every day.  Nothing feels better than time with your art supplies or playing with the lives of the characters in your stories. Or maybe your favorite creative time is working on lines of elegant code.  Whichever is your favorite mode of creativity, …

Creative inspiration

I use these thoughts as a I guide when I set to work. Maybe you do too? I think it’s an important part of keeping you in your work, and most important, in your life.  Your creative expression is really self expression and it is unique to you… so let it out!