Become an idea source

Your ideas are one of your best marketing tools.

Sharing them with your audience is one of the best things you can do to build your business, and you need to be consistent at it. And order to be consistent, you have to generate many ideas in order to pick out the best of them and share.

As you share your best ideas, you establish yourself as an expert, a place to get advice and useful help with problems, your followers will turn to you when they need products and services.

How this works

I’ve talked to coaches working on building their business and they tell me they don’t want to share too many of their ideas. They want to save as much as possible for paying clients.

I understand the thought, but if you think this way, you are missing out on a great opportunity to let your prospective clients know what you offer and how you can help. You aren’t not giving away yourself or your services and products, which offer much more than the ideas you give away freely.

Give your audience an idea

Ideas are great. They open new possibilities and perspectives and can lead to marvelous new creations and changes. They are valuable, but they are still limited because what matters is what happens with the idea.

You are giving your readers an idea, not explain every detail. They are two different things. Give them a great idea that excites them and you have done some good marketing. If you make them curious and want to know even more, then you have done great marketing.

The benefits are of sharing your ideas are numerous…

Establish your brand as an idea source

This is one of the most useful things you can do as far as marketing and growing your business. Often what we are selling isn’t actually the thing itself, but an idea that accompanies the product or service. The ideas can come in the form of feelings or experiences. People come to you because they want those ideas that you offer.

Becoming an idea source mean that you are also a source of influence. Here is where you step into the zone of leadership. As a leader you serve your community, and they turn to you when they need help.

Earning trust

Trust is extremely valuable.

People buy from those that they trust and that trust is not always easy to earn. Giving your valuable ideas to your audience is one way to build that trust. They know you can provide them with the solutions they need.

This trust, makes the job of selling much, much easier. If you gain enough trust, people will eventually ASK you to sell them your products and services.

Motivate and inspire

Ideas light fires in us.

Many of us are looking for something to motivate and give us energy to follow through on our projects and ambitions. If you can present an idea that helps someone do something, then you have helped them in an important way, and this is something people remember.

Creating growth

Ideas are growth-producers.

Your ideas can have an amazing effect on yourself and others. You get the benefit of creating inner growth by developing good ideas and learning how to present them effectively. Ffor others, when they take your idea and put it to work, they get growth as well. It’s a win-win.

Now you know how much you need good ideas, but how do you get the really great ones? Especially ideas that your audience hasn’t seen before.

Here are a few steps to help you with more ideas

Read, read, read

I know you have heard this before, but I am pushing you to read something outside your standard reading. It could be art, history or sci-fi, or any subject.

How is this supposed to help you when you really just want ideas related to your business?

It’s all about connections. Practice connecting something you read with something that is an idea to share. It could be a short story, a metaphor, a symbol that is helpful for your message. Or perhaps how a character in a novel or a historical figure solved a problem. An interesting characteristic to develop. There is so much that can be connected to what your message.

The more you new material you expose yourself to, the more connections you can make.

Take notes

Keep a notebook of ideas.

Become a collector of ideas!

This takes time, but it’s a very good habit to develop. I’ve just been re-reading some notes I took on a video lecture series, and I found some terrific ideas in there. I didn’t necessarily need them at the time I wrote them down, but now I want to put them to use by further expanding them myself.

Write down any and all ideas you find even slightly interesting. Revisit them periodically to see if any are useful right now. You will be glad to have these stored when you need something to get some new thoughts going.

Rework an idea

Reworking and idea is good stuff.

There is so much written already about many of the ideas you might come up with, but don’t stop there. Take an idea you find and rework it or rip it apart, or do some research and find a new way to get the idea across.

In essence, make the idea your own. When I do research, I find so much regurgitated material. People are repeating the same things. With a little effort, you can find a new angle or a new point or a new application of an idea. There are so many possibilities, there is no need to be an imitator.

You will gain more trust and interest by presenting something in a new way than just repeating the obvious.

Your original idea will help you stand out.

Start your day with a quick brainstorm or question-storm

This is an old favorite.

If you begin the day writing down a few ideas, about anything, it primes you for ideas later in the day. The same thing with questions. Write down a handle full of questions. They can be about something you want to find an answer to or just a general question. Often I find by the end of the day, my brain has found some sort of answer to a few of the questions.

Challenging yourself to come up with ideas and questions, grows your ability at both of these. It will get easier, and you will have a massive list of ideas from which to pick and choose.

Stand out

Your ideas help you stand out and this is what want from marketing.

Giving these ideas to others will help you become known as a leader and an expert in your field, and from here you will be a valuable resource that others trust and turn to when they need help.

Focus on ideas that can’t be found elsewhere. It takes time and patience, especially when you are at the beginning, but it’s worth it in the long run.


Make sure you have a steady stream of new ideas. You need them for your business for many reasons.

They will not only help you develop new products and services, but your audience will appreciate the stream of useful ideas you have for them.

It takes time to create an idea bank. Use a few of the suggestions above, or your own and make sure you keep it stuffed full.

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