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Away with the pester marketing

You are well-acquainted with this sort of marketing.

They send out emails if not daily, then at least weekly. The latest offer, the greatest offer, the offer you can’t resist, the deal of a lifetime that’s expiring.

And they swear they just want to help you be your best.

You probably get many of these. I sure do. Eventually I don’t bother opening them.

They are designed to do one thing: pester and interrupt.

This type of marketing is a turn-off. And if you engage in it, you will always have to do it.

If this is what you associate with marketing, it’s no wonder you hate the idea of doing it yourself, and don’t make much effort to market your business. And you also know that isn’t going to get you too far.

There is another way to market your business and services.

That is to use attraction marketing

Attraction Marketing

This type of marketing is much more appealing. You don’t need to pester and bother people. You don’t need to make wild promises. Or do you need to sell quick fixes and easy hacks. You don’t need to be dishonest about reality.

This type of marketing is based on attracting the right clients. And if you do it well, you will be build a great business.

What are the things you need to do?

Build trust

People are far more likely to buy from someone they trust. Pestering certainly doesn’t build trust. It diminishes it. Market in such a way that shows you are reliable.

Show you care

One way to show you care is to be aware of the problems of you clients and offer helpful tips and ideas. You do not really give away much with just an idea, and people will appreciate receiving something helpful to them.

Focus on relationship-building

Proper relationships are important in business, as you know. In order for them to work, they must provide benefits to both parties.

Pestering and interrupting is not showing that you have any benefit to offer. Instead, use those ideas you share to show you can offer them a great benefit. As a business, you have to make the first move. No one will buy before they feel you can benefit them.

Give them an outstanding experience

When you give your customers and future customers delightful experiences it motivates them to tell others.

This is one of the greatest marketing tools you can use. And notice, it is zero pestering.

You want to create these types of stories around your brand. It isn’t always easy to know what is going to captivate the hearts of your clients, so you need to start asking questions and searching. Look at what other businesses do to captivate yours. Learn and adapt.

When you focus on attraction rather than pestering, people start sharing your message with friends they know will benefit. It’s a remarkable way to increase your audience. The only thing you need to do is to focus on creating something truly outstanding and making sure your initial group of people find out.

Be a leader

Leaders do the hard thing. They set an example with action, not just words. They inspire and encourage others to be their best. They are there when it’s hard to be, not just when it’s easy. They go the extra mile for others, and they never forget their real job is to serve others.

What can you do to help the people you want to serve?

Ask yourself this now and then. Your mind will find answers for you. The more help you can give, the more valuable you become. So offer more help, not less. Work on finding ideas that are of massive help. People will come to you when you do. You won’t need to bug them.

The benefits of Attraction Marketing

When you switch to this type of marketing, you make it far easier on yourself. You don’t have to feel guilt and shame about marketing at all.

Instead you can focus on getting out the word about the help you offer others. You can focus on increasing how helpful you are, and creating an awesome experience.

When you do this, you will find that marketing is no longer so icky. It doesn’t feel like blatant self-promotion. And neither are you just bothering people.

If you do it right, they will look forward to receiving your marketing. They will be willing to pass it on to others they think could benefit.

You attract customers without needing discounts and sales. You give value and help before you present your services. This builds trust, it builds relationships. The benefits are increasing audience a great pool of potential customers.

In short, attraction marketing focuses on strategies for attracting people rather than turning them off.


Stay away from pester marketing. It won’t serve your business in the long run. It won’t build relationships that last.

Instead focus on serving and helping your audience. Show them that you are trustworthy by not abusing the attention they have given you.

Focus on building relationships and creating amazing experiences. These will provide the energy to motivate your audience to share your links and articles. This is the heart of attraction marketing.