Are you paying attention?

Your business strategies.

Are you noticing how well they are working for you?

It’s easy to tell. Either you are getting high quality inquiries, sales and building your audience. Or you aren’t.

Let’s look at the way noticing what’s happening can work for you.

Identifying problem areas

Successful businesses pay attention to what is working and not working. They identify the things that aren’t quite right, when they aren’t generating the results they need. Then they change what they are doing.

But you can’t change what you don’t notice. That’s why you must pay attention to what is happening. And not only in your own business. But in your marketplace and what your competitors are doing.

What works for other marketplaces?

You can also benefit from noticing what other marketplaces are doing right.

There are so many opportunities to notice what works well, especially in the when it comes to marketing. Start with these questions as you look around.

  • What strategies are they using?
  • What gets your interest?
  • What makes you start talking about how great a business is?
  • What headlines make you open newsletters?
  • What makes a website look more professional?

When you notice what works, you can bring them into your own business.

Notice your own energy and excitement

You need maximum engagement in your business if you want it to soar. This is something you generate. It’s your choice to show up with excitement to do what is required. Your energy will help provide others with an unforgettable experience.

To do this you need energy and enthusiasm. Start with noticing how you feel

  • When you are working with your marketing,
  • how you feel when you talk to prospective clients,
  • how you feel when you are speaking with current customers.
  • How you feel about your current products and services

The more of yourself you bring, the more emotion you can spread to others. And people will notice. Especially when you make them feel inspired and encouraged. People love those feelings. And there are many others you can inject into your business via marketing, such as creativity, uniqueness and fun.


Your business needs your attention. It needs you to use your observation skills to learn what isn’t working. It’s the only way to be able to bring needed change.

You can also learn from others if you take the time to study and observe what businesses in other marketplaces are doing that works. Find specific strategies that you can adapt into your own.

And finally, noticing what emotions you are bringing to your business is critical in getting the results you want. You must maintain your energy and enthusiasm as much as you can. It could make all the difference for your customers and clients.