Are you avoiding the hills?

Imagine …

Your lungs are on fire, straining to get enough air, your heart pounds, working to move the oxygen to your aching muscles. Sweat beads across your forehead and trickles down your cheek and back. You stretch, strain and push yourself up that hill.

Whether you’re walking, running or biking those hills make you grow faster than the flats.

The funny thing about hills is that no matter how good your condition is, you can always get winded on them, no matter how great of shape you are in. You can always push yourself harder to get up them. They always make you grow. And there is always a new hill waiting for you to climb if you are up to the challenge.

Knowing this, do you seek them out or do you avoid them?

Look around your life, you have many hills waiting for you to climb. Whether it’s financial, professional, family or your emotional and physical well-being, there are challenges waiting for you to take on.

Your challenges are your fast ticket to growth. It’s time to start heading straight for them.

What are you doing to take on the hills?

It’s easy to choose distraction, procrastination and denial. All of us have struggled with these sometimes. They soothe us and keep us comfortable. I’ve made that choice over and over. I even tried to hide from that I was choosing distraction. It didn’t make anything better and it stunted my own growth.

The problem with not facing our hills is that it causes stress. Getting up the hill is definitely stressful, but taking no action is even more stressful in the long run. Sometimes the hills even become bigger by trying to ignore them. And that only increases stress. It’s a vicious cycle, you need to break.

Identify your challenges

In each are of your life, there are challenges waiting for you. Spend time reflecting on your progress in each area, your finances, you career, you relationships, your health, your inner life. What are struggling with?

The growth comes not from the struggle, but from finding a solution to the struggle. The harder it is for you to find a solution, the more you will grow from whatever it is.

The funny thing about growth, is that it always leads to new hills to climb. There is no way to avoid the hills if you want to move forward in life. The hills change shape as you grow, but they are always there. There is always a new opportunity for growth in your life if you want more.

Once you have your hills laid out for you, get yourself mentally ready to face the climb. Just like running up a hill, it’s hard work overcoming one of life’s hills. Each new hill you go up is going to require a new mindset to get up them. You are going to adjust your thinking, beliefs, emotions and habits to get up them.

Stop and enjoy

Don’t forget to enjoy the view from the hills. They can be truly spectacular. Rest, recover and reflect before you take off for the next hill. This you deserve. Then get your energy, so you are ready to take on the next hill.

Make the choice

Today, you can choose growth and progress or you can choose stagnation and decay.

You can choose to put on your choose and find the highest hill and get yourself up it or you can choose to stay inside where it’s more comfortable.

What will your choice be?

Keep climbing those hills.