A morning routine that works

Have you ever seen one of these articles? The ones about the super-successful and all the things they do as part of their morning ritual?

The internet practically worships this kind of advice. As if there is any one size fits all. And as if achieving success can be written down to an easy prescription. As if one person knows best for the rest of us.

Life isn’t like that. Success isn’t based on how early someone takes their first cup of coffee. Or how early they get to the gym.

Some of it might work for you, and that is fine, but you are far better off designing your OWN morning routine.

Let’s first say it is useful with a morning routine, make no mistake, although it is far from required. There are certain benefits.

It helps to

  • get yourself prepared mentally for working
  • doing what you need to get positive emotions humming through yourselves
  • prime you for creative work
  • get yourself organized
  • wake up and find your energy
  • take a little time for yourself
  • fill up with inspiration and motivation
  • send a signal to yourself that it’s time to get started
  • feed your mind (if you take time to read, or course!)

All of these are great to do in the morning. The problem is that each of us have a different way to get these emotions and mindsets and get ourselves ready for a great day. What I do is different than what you will find useful.

It never hurts to hear what others do. Or even give some of it a try. You might find something that really works for you. But there is no reason to do anything just because some super successful influencer or billionaire does it.

You get to decide your best morning rituals, so you have the right mindset to do your best work for your business and serve your clients and customers.

So consider a few questions, if you haven’t..

  • What gets you in a great can-do mindset?
  • What makes you feel inspired and energized?
  • What time of day do you do your best work?
  • What little rituals signals to you that the workday starts?
  • What puts you in a creative mood?
  • What little things do you like to do for yourself to fill your own needs?

These are all great questions to find your own answer to. They will help you to get more out of your day. And that is the most important reason to have any morning ritual.

It might take a bit of experimentation.

For me, I realized my morning hours are by far my best, so I put all the heavy mental and creative work there. I focus as much as I can in those hours, and get the important stuff done. I usually save the less demanding tasks for the afternoon and evening.

I like to do journaling in the morning. I sort out my mindset and celebrate my little wins from the previous day. Then I make sure to fill myself with positive feelings, so I am ready to take on some hard stuff. For me it works well. It gives me energy and inspiration too and this I can always use more of.

Others like evening journaling. It’s a great time to make sense of the day. If it works for you better, then do it that way.

Remember timing as you plan your morning routines.

It’s so important and often forgotten. Your best creative time might be at night. Or you might get a boost of energy after lunch with friends for the tough mental stuff. Or you might like to get up at 5 am and hop right in some heavy learning.

All of it can be part of YOUR successful morning ritual. There are no wrong answers. The only right answer is the one that works for you right now to put you at your best.

Experiment, play around, test it out. This morning is yours to bring you to your peak mindset. I hope this day is a good one for you.


Your morning routine is your strategy to get you up and running at your best. Notice the emphasis on YOUR. It isn’t anyone else’s and there is no reason to try to copy another person’s morning routine.

Design your own. Find what works best for you, so you are energized, inspired and enthusiastic. There are tons of different things you can choose, so find what works for you.

Take your days to a whole new level with the right morning routine for you.