A decision to turn things around


It’s something that you know you want to do. Need to do, but it just sits there like a stuck thorn, giving you a little stab of pain every time you think of it. Maybe it’s a new creativity practice you long to start, or taking your practice up a level to start a business, or maybe it’s a new skill or a person you need to connect with. Whatever it is.

What stops you?

I’ve been there, so may time – with my business, with my creative pursuits, with renewing my passport.. The list goes on and on.

I get stuck and immobilized. I choose to busy myself instead with small tasks or distractions that ease the discomfort. Fear, doubt, worry, uncertainty, it’s hard to even pin down exactly what holds me back some days. It is terrible. Days swish by and no action is taken.

How many of you feel this too?

So what stops you? What stops me?

What keeps you from living and pursuing dreams and with passion and energy?

Chances are you are like me and have a whole series of self-limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in place, unable to advance.

But you don’t have to stay there. You can face whatever fears you have, you can find courage and make changes and do more!

All it takes one thing.. one thing only.

A decision.

A decision not to let anything hold you back. Nothing. Not your brain or emotions or anyone else’s expectations.

This is important. You can turn things around with one little decision to pursue what’s important to you. As you make that decision, your mind shifts focus from fear to becoming more. I will warn you, it may well take all your creativity to force yourself to that place where you must change yourself, you must do instead of just dream.

Now, as soon as you have your decision, do something, even a small step. Right away! Don’t put it off. This starts the momentum that you will need.

It doesn’t have to be hard

The truth is we often make things hard for ourselves. We avoid, we delay, we look for easy things to do to fill our need to accomplish something. The reality is nothing is stopping us from forward progress on our business and what is truly important for the long term. This is the stuff that often gets pushed aside or keeps us in fear.

Whatever it is you need to do, you need to realize that there is nothing that is stopping you except what is in your head.

Only fear

Our fears create limitations and barriers for us. We become stuck behind them despite that they are nothing but thoughts. None of it is a real limitation. They keep us from creating, they keep us from sharing and connecting with others. I suffer too, needlessly. I fear sharing myself, that my work will fail or not be appreciated, or that I will have to go back and start all over. I fear laying down energy on something and having a failure in the end. It keeps from doing anything at all.

So, decide today to take a risk with a step forward and see how it feels. You will see those barriers are actually very flimsy. And when you have made one step, chances are it will feel pretty good, and you will be ready for another.

Be brave today.

Make that decision to turn things around today!

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