When you need massive action

You could be ticking off goals left and right. Progressing towards more of what you want, leaving behind the old junk for good as you grow towards your potential.

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It’s not that hard, we both know what we need to do.

We just need the right action and piles of it.

Some goals are pretty easy. Like getting up and making to work on time. That one is manageable on a daily basis.

But what if you want to shoot higher. Like get a promotion, find a new romantic partner, and get healthier.

Sometimes you find a boost of motivation, make some progress, and then it fades away. Nothing is moving towards anything better.

In fact, now you are fed up with the way things are in your life, never feeling any progress towards what you want. Isn’t it time to figure this out once and for all? I would sure like to.

You know you need massive action

Being able to take massive action is one of life’s super skills, as I like to call them. That means it’s extra important for your growth and progress and worth mastering

Taking massive action

Let’s chunk down what exactly is meant by massive action.

There are really two types of massive action.

Regular massive action

This means a lot of action. Or simply a whole bunch of micromoves that lead you to what you want, like getting that promotion.

You know there are a whole list of small things you need to do to get there. Work hard to make deadlines, develop your network, get new clients, do impressive work, gaining skills, apply for the new position and so on.

These are all micromoves that lead up to something major.

You probably have lots of goals that need this mini-step approach.

For the most part, it’s steady, consistent action that takes you there and little is a surprise or a stretch for you.

You do grow, but it’s safe steps for the most part. You rarely feel any particular discomfort. Because it’s the same path you are already on and good at. It works really well for creating massive action. It’s a great way to get anywhere in life. Many, many little steps on a daily basis towards the goals.

Huge massive action

Sometimes there is no escaping that huge project, task or decision.

The second type of massive action is also based on micro steps too, but here the goal is far outside your current capabilities. It’s a massive leap forward for you.

Massive action moves you out of your comfort zone and forces you to grow.

By nature it’s risky and scary.

You need courage to even contemplate it. You have to dig deep in yourself and find new resources to accomplish it. New mindsets, new emotional patterns, new perspectives and philosophies. It’s like deciding to climb a huge mountain when you rarely even walk up regular hills.

It’s a massive move forward.

You may fail a few times in your efforts, but you pick yourself back up and you find another way to make it happen. You know it’s towards something you burn for, so you find a way, and failure isn’t an option.

Taking massive action tests your soul, challenges your mind, and builds character. You have to deal with fear, be persistent, and accelerate your growth.

The way is often pitted with uncertainty, and this you deal with as you go. It’s another strength that comes with taking massive action. You also gain many other strengths, like courage, grit, determination, persistence which help you with everything else.

Massive action is different things for different people

Only you know what major action you need to take. Chances are you already have a list of things you could be doing.

I keep a pile of massive actions in my back pocket for as soon as I am willing to take the jump. These are things that inspire fear in me, are risky and uncertain, but that I know I need for greater growth.

You can accomplish it

One thing that helps if you struggle is to work on your thoughts and mindset.

This has been the biggest help for me. I’ve undertaken a radical re-work of my mental habits. Everything from beliefs, to stories and excuses I use, to the habits and emotional patterns that drag me down.

I work on my thoughts every day because they are so very important for creating the life I want. Everything on the inside must be in order make it easier. I face inner resistances every day. I struggle with them, but I have a burning passion that I call my calling, so every day I am at it.

It’s possible for you too.

You have all you need inside you and around you. So many resources are available if you choose to see them and put them to work for you.


There is no shortcuts to the life you want. It requires massive action to get it.

When you hit the point of no return in your life, you are ready for massive action. It speeds up your progress and helps you move towards your goals.

Massive action also means reaching for goals that are far outside your comfort zone. These result in massive growth that doesn’t come any other way. It teaches you and shapes your character.