12 Steps to become the leader your life needs now

Your life needs you.

Your life really NEEDS you now.

One way to be there for your life is to become your own thought leader. There’s no way to outsource this job, it’s got your name all over it.

Taking charge of your life and having the courage to create a design for it is becoming a leader and there are loads of benefits that come with it.

As you become the leader of your own life, you also gain the ability to shape it more and more into what you want it to be. You are the designer of your experience and your own fate.

It’s never to late to decide what your life can be and start making it happen. All you need to do is to make the decision to take the lead in your life.

Leadership qualities to develop

What are the qualities you need to be a leader?

As you read these, reflect on how well you are doing with them and where you have room to grow.

Own yourself

Take full responsibility for what you do and how you do it. You never lay blame, including on yourself. You focus on what you CAN do and what you WILL do, not on what is out of your control. You choose which of your “shoulds” need to become “musts” and you follow through. You make the difference in your life.

Care deeply

You have a strong sense of caring for yourself and your values and how well you live by them. You also care deeply about the people in your life and you take time to show yourself and others how important they are. You know you matter as do those around you.

Contribute to others

Leadership is service. Leaders often do the jobs no one else wants to do because it’s for the good of others. Your focus is on something bigger than just yourself which gives you a greater sense of connection to others. You improve your own life as you improve that of others.

Be resourceful

Leaders are creative and use what is available to them and don’t blame a lack of resources for their failures. In your own life, you focus on your inner resources and strengths as well as your outer resources to solve challenges as they arise.

Keep learning

Don’t wait for others to have the answer, be the answer. Learn everything you can and develop the skills needed to improve your life. Make sure to take time every day to feed your mind and develop yourself further. If you do this, you will have more to give others.

Move quickly

Keep a sense of urgency. Things need to be taken care of right now. This doesn’t mean you need to overload yourself, it means you need to remember that timing is important and waiting doesn’t serve you or anyone else.

Self aware

Become aware of how you feel and how things affect you. As you create greater self-awareness, you can more easily manage how you feel. You are also able to understand your beliefs and how to alter them so they keep you empowered.

Build relationships

Relationships with others is what makes life work. We need others and they need us. Be sure to nurture your relationships and care for people around you. Choose kindness even when it isn’t returned and never engage in gossip or spreading rumors.

Keep a great mindset

Setbacks and disappoints come to everyone. While you may feel bad or be angry about something, you don’t stay there. These emotions affect decisions and actions, so spend a few minutes to let the emotion run through you and understand what it is telling you, and then return to joy and cheerfulness.

See the big picture

There is a huge difference between leaders that see the big picture and those that don’t. For one, it allows a leader to plan ahead. It isn’t the most fun, but plans and goals provide direction for their lives. Somethings never happen without being included in the plan, so the leader will make room for them.

Listen to your inner voice

Cultivate your inner voice and learn to trust it. Deep down you have a well of wisdom to guide you when you need it. It takes practice to hear it and act accordingly

Be an example for yourself

This one is so important. Don’t just talk, DO. Leaders don’t just tell others what they should do, they do them also. When you do this, you will get your own attention and understand you are a person who follows through, which leads to more follow through. And builds a great self confidence.

Mindset matters

Did you notice something about this list, that is, much of it is related to your mindset? This is why we need to work on our mindset on a daily basis. It affects everything we do or won’t and don’t do. It truly matters.

You wouldn’t skip a day brushing your teeth, why would you skip a day working on your mindset?

It has just as big of an impact on your life. Even larger, since it touches every (nearly) aspect of your life. If you have taken the time to write out a few thoughts about leadership, great! Come back in a month and re-read what you wrote and write any new thoughts that come to mind too.


At any time you can decide your life is worth being intentional about. You can decide what you want and the build the qualities and skills that it takes to get there. This is leading in your own life. It inspires you, and it is inspiring to watch.

Leadership takes daily effort. It is a muscle you can build up with regular practice. As you become stronger, it is natural and easy.

When you become a leader of your own life, you are being true to yourself. You are heading in a direction that takes you towards living to your potential.

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